11 August 2011

Poveglia-island of horrors

Poveglia is one island's of Venezia,but it's place full of secrets and is frightened by venetians,who call this island "a place where you never return".Most of them believe this place to be living and breathing heart of the evil.The island during the day is beautiful and calls you to come and visit,but during the night place turns to be frightening.For tourists this island is closed.Enter to this island can only the researchers of abnormal activities.The island belongs to the italian government.
The island was first mentioned for the first time in year 421 B.Cr,while people escaped from Padova and Este to live in this island and to protect themselves from the attack of barbars.By the 9th century the island was fully populated and it's importance grew in time.Many wars were held there,because the barbars had interest of the people who had run there to live.Most of the wars were won by the people who lived in the island,until the year of 1379,when island was attacked by genoas and won the war.Island was abandoned by it's natives,who found new home in the island of Giudecca.After winning the war government of Venice built there castle-fortress Octagon,what is as well visible today.Next centuries the island was abandoned.1527 the ruler of the Venice offered the island to  Camoldolese munks,but they refused to take this place.1661 offer were made to the people who were nativley from there,as well them refused to take the offer.In the year of 1777 island went to Magistrato alla Sanità (Public health center).It became one of the trading points,where people came and went with ships.1739 year  two ships were found where there were people with plague and the place became temporarily as an infirmary .Under the lead of Bonaparte,1805,the island became officially as an infirmary.He let to destry the tower of the church called San Vitale,building instead a lighthouse.1814 year infirmary were closed.
20th century this place were used again as an infirmary.1922 the excisting buildings were re-built to elderly house,to accomodate old person from Venice.1968 year this island was abandoned,was used only for agricultural purposes short time.After the island was abandoned.
There are many legends about this island,why it is so frightened place.One of them tells that during the Roman times it was used as a living cemetery.People who were sick of plague were taken there to die.As well it was used as a living cemetery during the time when in Europe spread plague called black death.It was thought to be very efective method to divide sick and healthy from each other.According to legend in this island died about 160 000 persons.
According to second legend this island was used as a mental hospital in year of 1922.It's doctor tortured and killed his patients,before loosing his mind and jump off the tower of church.Legend tells that he survived the jump,but was killed by the fog that arised from the ground and strangled him to death.Bones are visible as well nowadays.Institution was called a mansion,but evidence has prooved that it was used as well as a mental hoospital.
Reality shows about this island,very interesting to watch are for example Ghost Adventures,Death in Venice:Demon doctor and Scariest Places on Earth.

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